Alpine Heath Village

The Village

The village square is situated at the center of the resort with the 100 three-bedroom chalets convieniently situated around the main bulidings that surround the square. The village comprises of the Spa, Village Market, Chapel, Tavern Bar, Pizzarea, Kids Zone, Leisure Zone and the Auditorium. Alpine Heath is unique in that it has a village complete with a Village Market for the few items you may have forgotten, and its own charming village square.

Village Market
Alpine Heath Resort Village Market
With a backdrop of the stunning mountains of the Northern Drakensberg, this stylish Afro-Swiss designed resort blends perfectly into the landscape. The village square is situated at the centre of the resort with the 100 three-bedroom chalets conveniently situated around the main buildings that surround the square.

Offering facilities, and standards of service and cuisine one would expect of a four-star establishment, Three Cities Alpine Heath Resort is unique in that it is a village complete with A village market for the few items you may have forgotten, and its own charming village square.



The Chapel
Alpine Heath Resort Chapel
As your wedding day will be one of the most important and special days in your life, we at Alpine Heath Resort are here to realise your dreams and visions so as to make your first day of marriage an exceptionally memorable one.

Our Wedding consultant will advise and assist you in all your preparations to ensure that we fulfil the expectations in your mind. From the cosy Chapel in the Village square to the superb cuisine and excellent service, we have designed packages that include all the finer details one tends to worry about.

May we invite you to take advantage of our special wedding rates which are available to your guests on both Friday and Saturday night.

For religious services that are to be held in the Village Chapel, the Banqueting co-ordinator can arrange a priest or minister to officiate at the service. Whatever your preference, Three Cities Alpine Heath Resort has the unique location and setting to make your special day one you and your guests will remember forever
Tavern Bar
Alpine Heath Resort Tavern Bar
The Tavern is open daily between 10:00am and 00:00pm.

As you might be feeling a little peckish in the afternoon a snack menu is available at our local tavern, which caters for a variety of lighter and not so light meals. The snack menu is available all day long for you to enjoy at your convenience whilst trying to fit your schedule around the numerous entertainment activities available for you to explore.
Alpine Heath Resort Pizzarea
We spice up your dining options with the inclusion of a Italian style pizzeria with a wood fired oven to create that typical Italian flavour for our specialty pizzas.

Open Wednesday & Friday from 12h00 to 21h00, Saturdays 12h00 to 23h00 and Sundays 12h00 to 17h00
Coffee Shop
Alpine Heath Resort Coffee Shop

Whether you want your morning brew, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a social buzz, grab a table at our cozy convenient coffee shop.  Sip your beverage buzz of cappuccinos, espressos or lattes and enjoy the view and people watching in this laid back coffee bar.


Leisure Zone
Alpine Heath Resort Leisure Zone

Three Cities Alpine Heath Resort offers a wonderful variety of sports and leisure activities. Indoors or outdoors there is so much to choose from. In our fully equipped gymnasium and squash courts even the fittest will work up a sweat. All-weather tennis courts, volleyball, and mountain-biking are available, and the superb Amphitheatre nine-hole golf course is just minutes away. You can also cool off in our two crystal-clear swimming pools surrounded by breath-taking scenery, while the kids play on a super jungle gym. And at our well-stocked trout dams sparkling in the serenity of the Drakensberg, what could be more relaxing than the rhythmic swish of your line as you drop your fly on a nearby rise?

Other activities include gym, bird watching, hiking, horse-riding, two swimming pools, two tennis courts, squash, table tennis, volleyball, 18 hole putt-putt, village green - an open field for cricket, touch rugby and soccer, walkabout chess, kids jungle gym, trampoline, mountain bikes, fly-fishing and a golf course 5min away.


Alpine Heath Resort Auditorium

Organising a conference is never easy. So give your problems to Alpine Heath and we'll take care of the rest.

We're proud to offer you eight outstanding conference venues, each fully equipped and designed to meet your every requirement.

So whatever the reason behind the conference - a new product launch or teambuilding exercise - you'll enjoy some of the most efficient and productive conference facilities in Southern Africa.


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